The Hybrid Ecologies Lab (H•E•L) explores scientific research, design, and art through the innovation, development, deployment, and evaluation of novel physical devices and interactive systems that advance our computing culture, encourage broad participation by non-experts within science and engineering, improve human health and well-being, and provoke critical debate and inquiry concerning our existing and emerging technological society.


Bantam Tools

Kevin Tian appears in Bantam Tools PR material talking MyPart air quality sensor.
Bantam Tools introduces their latest Desktop PCB Milling Machine


Hybrid Ecologies member Sarah Sterman wins CrowdFlower’s AI for Everyone Challenge
The LiterAIry project receives $25,000 to crowdsource human judgments of style in literature, in order to train machine learning models that can understand and help visualize written style.


Adobe Looks To The Future With AI And Maker Programs For Everyone
Adobe is looking to the future with maker design programs and AI. Meet Ellustrate, the brain child of Mira Dontcheva, an Adobe programs in development that is like an electrical engineer and illustrator in one.

Microsoft Research Blog

Hybrid Ecologies member Cesar Torres is awarded a Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant for his thesis work on hybrid aesthetics.
The Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant program offers financial support to selected doctoral students from groups that are under-represented in the field of computing in the form of grants to complete their dissertations.

Hybrid Ecologies

Tomás Vega Galvez wins Lemelson-MIT Prize!
Hybrid Ecologies member Tomás Vega Galvez wins the Lemelson-MIT Prize for WheelSense, an open-source smart add-on system for wheelchairs!

Othermachine Blog

Build a Portable, Low Cost, Open Source Air Particle Counter
UC Berkeley student builds a low-cost, open source air particle counter for less than $100.


DIS 2018
Guardians of Practice
A Contextual Inquiry of Failure-Mitigation Strategies within Creative Practices
Cesar Torres, Sarah Sterman, Molly Nicholas, Richard Lin, Eric Pai, and Eric Paulos
DIS 2018
Hybrid Aesthetics
Design of New Media Practices within Digital Fabrication
Cesar Torres
CHI 2018
Woodworking through Improvisational Digital Fabrication
Rundong Tian, Sarah Sterman, Jeremy Warner, Ethan Chiou, and Eric Paulos
CHI 2018
Battery-Free Wearable Displays for Opportunistic Interactions
Christine Dierk, Molly Nicholas, and Eric Paulos
ACM TEI 2018
TEI 2018
Human Hair as Interactive Material
Christine Dierk, Sarah Sterman, Molly Nicholas, and Eric Paulos
ACM CHI 2017
CHI 2017
Illumination Aesthetics
Light as a Creative Material within Computational Design
Cesar Torres, Jasper OLeary, Molly Nicholas, and Eric Paulos
CHI 2017
Ambient, Batteryless, Stateful, Dynamic Displays at your Fingertips
Christine Dierk, Tomás Vega Galvez, and Eric Paulos