Eric Paulos
Associate Professor



Eric Paulos is the founder and director of the Hybrid Ecologies Lab, an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering Computer Science Department at UC Berkeley, Director of the CITRIS Invention Lab, Chief Learning Officer for the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, a Co-Director of the Swarm Lab, and faculty within the Berkeley Center for New Media (BCNM). Previously, Eric held the Cooper-Siegel Associate Professor Chair in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University where he was faculty within the Human-Computer Interaction Institute with courtesy faculty appointments in the Robotics Institute and in the Entertainment Technology Center. Prior to CMU, Eric was Senior Research Scientist at Intel Research in Berkeley, California where he founded the Urban Atmospheres research group. His areas of expertise span a deep body of research territory in urban computing, sustainability, green design, environmental awareness, social telepresence, robotics, physical computing, interaction design, persuasive technologies, and intimate media. Eric received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Eric is also the founder and director of the Experimental Interaction Unit and a frequent collaborator with Mark Pauline of Survival Research Laboratories.



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Hybrid Microgenetic Analysis
Using Activity Codebooks to Identify and Characterize Creative Process
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Crafting Resistive Heaters within Thermoreactive Composites
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A Conversation with Actuators
An Exploratory Design Environment for Hybrid Materials
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Statement Making
A Maker Fashion Show Foregrounding Feminism, Gender, and Transdisciplinarity
Guardians of Practice
A Contextual Inquiry of Failure-Mitigation Strategies within Creative Practices
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Battery-Free Wearable Displays for Opportunistic Interactions
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Woodworking through Improvisational Digital Fabrication
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Human Hair as Interactive Material
Illumination Aesthetics
Light as a Creative Material within Computational Design
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Ambient, Batteryless, Stateful, Dynamic Displays at your Fingertips
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Designing classification-based citizen science learning modules
Aesthetic Electronics
Designing, Sketching, and Fabricating Circuits through Digital Exploration
Leveraging Theatricality for an Expressive Internet of Things
Supporting Crafting Practice through Physical Computational Proxies
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Designing and Creating Epidermal Interactions
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Biosignals as Social Cues
Ambiguity and emotional interpretation in social displays of skin conductance
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I Don’t Want to Wear a Screen
Probing Perceptions of and Possibilities for Dynamic Displays on Clothing
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Personal, Portable, Accurate Airborne Particle Counting
Designing Feel Aesthetics for 3D Printing
Designing Expressive 3D Models for Digital Fabrication
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Making Multiple Uses of the Obscura 1C Digital Camera
Reflecting on the Design, Production, Packaging and Distribution of a Counterfunctional Device
Liquid Mediated Vision-Based Touch Surfaces
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Biological Citizen Publics
Personal Genetics as a Site of Public Engagement with Science
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Sketching, Shrinking, and Formgiving for Electronic Circuits
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Here, Near, Out There