Christine Dierk
PhD Student (Alumnus)



Christine Dierk is a fifth year PhD student in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley. She is currently working with Prof. Eric Paulos as part of the Hybrid Ecologies Lab. She is also part of Swarm Lab, Berkeley Center for New Media, and the Berkeley Institute of Design.

Her research seeks to explore new possibilities for on-body wearable devices. In particular, her research aims to develop technologies and techniques that can explore the development of a broader range of novel interfaces and interactions across a wider landscape of body sites.



Screen shot 2019 09 13 at 4.19.52 pm.png
Use Your Head!
Exploring Interaction Modalities for Hat Technologies
Screen shot 2019 09 11 at 6.28.48 pm.png
Battery-Free Wearable Displays for Opportunistic Interactions
Colorchangeblkble 01.png
Human Hair as Interactive Material
Alternail hand and closeup.png
Ambient, Batteryless, Stateful, Dynamic Displays at your Fingertips
Screen shot 2019 09 13 at 4.28.01 pm.png
Personal, Portable, Accurate Airborne Particle Counting