New Making Renaissance

UIST • User Interface and Software Technology

Aesthetic Electronics (2016)

Designing, Sketching, and Fabricating Circuits through Digital Exploration


As interactive electronics become increasingly intimate and personal, the design of the circuitry is correspondingly developing a more playful and creative aesthetic. Circuit sketching and design is a multidimensional activity combining the arts, crafts, and engineering that broadens participation of electronic creation to include makers of diverse backgrounds. In order to support this design ecology, we present Ellustrate, a digital design tool that enables the functional and aesthetic design of electronic circuits with multiple conductive and dielectric materials. Ellustrate guides users through the fabrication and debugging process, easing the task of practical circuit creation while supporting designers’ aesthetic decisions throughout the circuit authoring workflow. In a formal user study, we demonstrate how Ellustrate enables a new electronic design conversation that combines electronics, materials, and visual aesthetic considerations.



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Joanne Lo
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Cesar Torres
Isabel Yang
Jasper OLeary
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Mira Dontcheva
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Wilmot Li
Danny Kaufman
Eric Paulos