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CITRIS Invention Lab

Located in Sutardja Dai Hall, the Invention Lab is a space for rapid prototyping, providing easy access to tools and knowledge for students and researchers. The 1,700 sq. ft. lab contains prototyping tools such as vinyl cutters, laser cutters, and 3d printers, as well as more traditional tools.

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Invention Studio

The Invention Studio, in 143 Sutardja Dai Hall, is designed for research teams working on more long-term, Invention Lab-related projects, and is also occupied by several CITRIS Foundry teams. It contains various 3d printers, as well as a ShopBot CNC Router.

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Jacobs Hall

The Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation is home to many of Berkeley's design courses, focusing heavily on the intersection between design & technology. The building itself is designed to be flexible, and can be used as both studio and classroom space. It also contains an electronics lab, AV production lab, and various rapid prototyping tools.

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An interdisciplinary research group housed in the Hearst Memorial Mining Building, the Berkeley Institute of Design combines human-computer interaction, mechanical design, education, architecture, and art practice.

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Sutardja Dai 4th Floor (Fort Paulos)

The headquarters of the Hybrid Ecologies Lab. Located on the 4th floor of Sutardja Dai Hall, this space provides meeting and office space for graduate students.

Berkeley center for new media


The Berkeley Center for New Media is a cross-disciplinary community consisting of faculty, advisors, and students from 35 UC Berkeley Departments for design and information technology, focusing analyzing and shaping developments in new media.