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Recent Publications


Kaleidoscope was awarded a Best Paper award (1% of submissions) at CHI2023. Congrats, Sarah, Molly, Janaki, and Jessie!


The call for papers for the TOCHI Special Issue on "Unmaking & HCI: Techniques, Technologies, Materials, and Philosophies Beyond Making" is live! Submissions due May 30. Katherine and Eric P. will serve as guest editors alongside Steven Jackson, Kristina Lindström, Samar Sabie, Asa Ståhl, and Ron Wakkary.


4 papers accepted at CHI

All 4 papers we submitted to ACM CHI have been conditionally accepted! So excited to share our work on decomposable energy storage, lotion-mediated on-skin interactions, version control for creative practices, and a documentation tool for HCI classes. Pre-prints forthcoming.

Berkeley Center for New Media

To support travel for his upcoming talk at SIGCIS 2022, the Berkeley Center for New Media has awarded Eric Rawn a grant of $500. This talk presents Eric's ongoing work in the intellectual history of HCI.

IEEE Spectrum

Wireless Heater Made From a Leaf Skeleton Is Fully Biodegradable. A leaf, shellfish bits, paper, and silver ink are all you need for a reusable wireless heater

Hybrid Ecologies Lab

Our C&C paper, "Creative and Motivational Strategies Used by Expert Creative Practitioners," has been awarded the Best Paper award at C&C! We're looking forward to presenting this work in-person in Venice, Italy June 20-23.

ACM History Committee

Hybrid Ecologies member Eric Rawn wins an ACM History Committee Fellowship for his research proposal! To encourage historical research, the ACM History Committee supports up to four research projects each year with awards of up to $4,000 each.

ACM CHI 2022

Our CHI paper, "Towards Decomposable Interactive Systems: Design of a Backyard-Degradable Wireless Heating Interface," has been awarded an Honorable Mention at CHI! We're looking forward to presenting this work in-person in New Orleans on May 2.

ACM CHI 2022

Don't miss out on our incredible CHI 2022 workshop on UNMAKING! Beyond HCI, design, and digital fab an amazing team of practitioners (and hopefully you) will debate the future of unmaking – from art to epistemologies to controlled explosions.

Stanford HCI Seminar

This talk presents and critiques a new body of evolving collaborative work at the intersection of art, computer science, material science, and design research.


Turn by Wire is a Machinist's Sixth Sense

Snap Research

Molly Jane Nicholas is awarded a Snap Research Fellowship for her work in performative augmented reality!

The Hybrid Ecologies Lab (H•E•L) explores scientific research, design, and art through the innovation, development, deployment, and evaluation of novel physical devices and interactive systems that advance our computing culture, encourage broad participation by non-experts within science and engineering, improve human health and well-being, and provoke critical debate and inquiry concerning our existing and emerging technological society.

CHI 2024

Katherine W. Song, Szu Ting Tung, Alexis Kim, and Eric Paulos

CHI EA 2024

Katherine W. Song, Fiona Bell, Himani Deshpande, Ilan Mandel, Tiffany Wun, Mirela Alistar, Leah Buechley, Wendy Ju, Jeeeun Kim, Eric Paulos, Samar Sabie, and Ron Wakkary

UIST 2023

Katherine W. Song

CHI 2023

Katherine W. Song and Eric Paulos

CHI 2023

Eric Rawn, Jingyi Li, Eric Paulos, Sarah E. Chasins

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