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UIST 2014

Sensory Triptych: Here, Near, Out There

Eric Paulos, Rundong Tian, Chris Myers, and Paxton Paulos



Sensory Triptych is a set of exploratory, interactive sensors designed for children that invite “new ways of seeing” our world from the perspective of the here (the earth, air, and water around us), near (things just out of sight), and out there (orbiting satellites and space junk) using familiar and novel interfaces, affordances, and narratives. We present a series of novel physical design prototypes that reframe sensing technologies for children that foster an early adoption of technology usage for exploring, understanding, communicating, sharing, and changing our world. Finally, we discuss how such designs expand the potential opportunities and landscapes for our future interactive systems and experiences within the UIST community.



HEL Authors:


Eric Paulos


Chris Myers


Rundong (Kevin) Tian

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