Katherine Song

PhD student

Katherine is a PhD student in computer science. She is currently exploring projects at the intersection of digital fabrication, materials science, and sustainability. Previously, she worked at Apple as a display electrical engineer on the Apple Watch, iPhone X, and next-generation display technologies. She has a bachelor's degree in EE from Princeton University and a master's degree in EECS from MIT.

In her spare time, she likes to run on trails and climb on rocks.




Samar Sabie, Katherine W. Song, Tapan Parikh, Steven Jackson, Eric Paulos, Kristina Lindstrom, Åsa Ståhl, Dina Sabie, Kristina Andersen, Ron Wakkary

CHI EA 2022


Katherine W Song, Aditi Maheshwari, Eric M Gallo, Andreea Danielescu, Eric Paulos

CHI 2022

🎖️ Honorable Mention


Katherine W. Song*, Janaki Vivrekar*, Lynn Yeom*, Eric Paulos, and Niloufar Salehi

CHI EA 2021