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CHI EA 2021

Crank That Feed: A Physical Intervention for Active Twitter Users

Katherine W. Song*, Janaki Vivrekar*, Lynn Yeom*, Eric Paulos, and Niloufar Salehi



Passively consuming digital social media content often precludes users from mindfully considering the value they derive from such experiences as they engage in them. We present a system for using Twitter that requires users to continuously turn a hand crank to power their social media screen. We evaluate the device and its effects on how users value Twitter with 3 participants over 3 weeks, with the middle week of Twitter usage streamlined exclusively through our system. Using our device caused a dramatic decrease in Twitter usage for all participants, which either persisted or rebounded in the post-intervention week. Our analysis of diary studies and qualitative interviews surfaced three themes indicating shifting focus on content, shifting awareness about the role of social media, and new social dynamics around content-sharing.



HEL Authors:


Eric Paulos


Katherine Song


Janaki Vivrekar

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